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2017 Tryout dates and location announced for the 2018 World Fishing Championships

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The United States Predator Fishing Team is officially announcing tryout information for the 2018 World Predator Championship to take place in either England or Poland (tentative, exact location to be announced in November).

Tryout dates are as follows:

– Thursday, October 5th at 6:00pm; mandatory rules meeting.

– Friday, October 6th (1st leg) and Saturday, October 7th (2nd leg); tryout days

– Sunday, October 8th at 8:00am; announcement of the results and 2018 USA Predator Team

Each leg will be broken down into 2 heats. Heat details will be announced at the rules meeting.

Tryouts are being held in Minnesota on the Whitefish Chain of Lakes outside of Pequot Lakes and Outing, MN. Official lodging location is Boyd’s Resort, (612) 232-3703. When calling for reservations, please ask for Ruth and mention USA Predator Team tryouts. The “loft cabins” are $170 per night with 3 bedrooms and sleeps 5. There is one “loft cabin” at $170 also that has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 8. The $170 price includes up to two people with each additional person being an extra $30 per night.

All anglers over the age of 18 are encouraged to tryout which includes, but not limited to, all professional, amateur, male and female anglers. There is a maximum of two anglers per boat. Eligible 2018 USA Predator Team anglers will need to currently hold a United States passport or obtain a United States passport within 3 months after completion of tryouts.

Tryout fee is $75 dollars per angler, payable by cash or credit card. The fee per angler to attend the 2018 World Predator Championship is $2500, amount IS tax deductible! (less any monetary sponsorship). Payments will be made throughout the year, at given date intervals.

This will be a total weight tryout. Total weight and individual angler evaluations will determine final placement on the 2018 United Stated Predator Team. Anglers will record length of fish caught on official bump board, then weight will be calculated using official length to weight conversion chart. Boats containing 2 anglers will be evaluated as a “pair”. Evaluations of the pair will include but not be limited to: total weight, how well they work as a pair, past experience and success as a pair, and plan and execution of the tryout competition. Evaluations of a single angler boat will be the same as a pair but the evaluation will only pertain to the individual angler. Further evaluation details will be mentioned during Thursday rules meeting.

Eligible predator fish species will include: Northern Pike, Walleye, Sauger, Lake Trout and Perch.

Tryout rules will be discussed in detail at Thursday’s rules meeting and will closely follow the “Official F.I.P.S.e.d Rules of International “For Nations” competitions “CARNIVOROUS ARTIFICIAL BAIT BOAT ANGLING”. I will detail some of the most important rules here as follows:

1. Only ARTIFICIAL baits are allowed. NO LIVE BAIT. This INCLUDES lures that contain hairs or fibers from live animals.

2. Only CASTING is allowed. Absolutely no “trolling”. Trolling (electric) motors can be used to move boat through the lake but anglers are not allowed to “drag their line behind the boat”.

3. Spinning and baitcasting reels are allowed. NO rods over 9 feet in length.

4. Life vests are mandatory and MUST be worn any time the “powered motor” is on, which includes moving throughout the lake. Not following this rule will lead to disqualification for both heats for that day. They are not required when performing fishing operations as long as the powered motor is not running.

5. All Plastic baits used MUST be weighted WITH LEAD forward of the head of the plastic. The lead can be either attached to the line or a jig. NO weighted hooks. NO tungsten. This will be further described in detail at the rules meeting.

6. The use of lake maps and GPS units ARE allowed.

7. During tryout days, speed will be limited to no faster than 30 mph on the lake.

8. All heats will take place in any wind or rain event. In the case of severe weather, The captain will make the official determination and all anglers will be required to immediately reach the safest spot possible until conditions improve. If conditions don’t improve, the heat will be determined as final if at least 1/3 of the time has passed for that heat

9. Boundaries are outlined in the picture below.

If you have any questions, please contact us here! To register, fill out the form by clicking here!

USA Predator Team Tryout Minnesota Lake Map
USA Predator Team Tryout Minnesota Lake Map

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