2017 World Championship Fishing Rules.

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The 2017 World Championship fishing rules are as follows:


The championship is open to the combined teams of the national angling federations affiliated with the International Fresh Water Sport Fishing Federation (FIPSed). The official delegation may have up to 8 members, including: 6 anglers, 2 of whom are reserves, a captain/coach and a team manager. Minimal delegation may consist of 4 competitors.


Pursuant to the Competition Rules, the participants can compete using either their own or rented boats. Boats have to have the required safety equipment (2 life jackets for the contestants), as well as an anchor with a cable 25 metres (82 feet) long, a depth finder, and a 50hp internal combustion engine. 2 contestants per boat. Each boat will have a venue map showing the fishing waters. The organizers will make every effort to provide boats as similar as possible. Each rented boat will be driven by the owner. All boat owners are practicing anglers and will serve as stewards during the championship.

Specifications of rented boats: minimum length 4.75 m (15.58 feet), reservoir speed limit 65 kmph (40 MPH or 59.24 feet per second), payload 450+ kg.

All anglers who intend to drive their own boats must have a notarized translation of their boat driving license into the Russian language. Contestants' own boats. During the championship, each own boat of contestants will be assigned by lot a referee from among the certified judges or practicing anglers. Each championship round will have a separate lot drawing.


The fish species and its minimal size to be counted according to the local Fishing Rules: Asp (Aspius aspius) – 40 cm (15.75 inches), Zander (Sander lucioperca) – 40 cm (15.75 inches), Pike (Esox lucius) – 32 cm (12.60 inches). The size of these fishes shall be determined as caught by measuring the length from the tip of the mouth (closed) to the end of the caudal peduncle (to the end of tail scales). Once a judge has made sure that the specimen caught meets the Fishing Rules in place, he shall take a measurement according to the FIPSED rules. The measurement shall be recorded. There shall also qualify Volga Zander (Stizostedion volgensis = Lucioperca volgensis) – 30 cm (11.81 inches) minimal, European Perch (Perca fluviatilis) – 25 cm (9.84 inches) minimal (the length shall be measured directly under the FIPSED rules). No other fish shall qualify. No fish caught that measures less than the specified length shall qualify. Once measured, all fish caught shall be released back into its habitat, as undamaged as possible.

More info can be found at the World Predator Boat Fishing Champion site at: http://wbac2017.fedrybsport.ru/en/

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