Brett Root Ericksen, IL - Team Manager Bio

Brett currently lives in the great state of Illinois. Brett’s fishing experience spans the globe. One of Brett’s passions is traveling the world and seeking out not only new fishing opportunities and hot spots, but he’s always honing his angling skills on multiple types of fish species.

One of Brett’s recent adventures was the ownership of his guide service in Argentina. Here he was able to teach and show others the skill of fishing and seeking out exotic species and giving the public a first-hand look at his angling abilities.

Brett is also a current member of the USA Ice Team and was able to travel to Latvia in 2017 with the team to compete in the world ice fishing championships. Brett is a very competitive angler and continues to bring his skills to the NAIFC national tournament series that spans across the Ice Belt of the USA.

Brett also takes great pride with his work with the Sun Foundation as the Program Director, Wildlife and Habitat Restoration Director. Brett was placed as an angler in the 2017 world championships and in 2018 has taken on the coveted role of team manager. His knowledge and skills are a great addition to the USA Predator Fishing Team and is excited to again, travel the world fishing for gold!

Brett Erickson News

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