The 2017 World Fishing Championship Team List

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These are the teams registered as of writing. If listed, they have submitted their application but Team Members are not yet listed. We will update as teams register.

Team Captain Manager Anglers
South Africa Emile Van Druten Salemon Britz Henri Roselt Du Plessis
Petrus Arnoldus De Wet
Andre Renier Van Rooyen
Czech Republic Josef Zahrádka None Listed František Čáha
David Koudelka
Ondřej Dusek
Tomáš Jírovec
 Romania Rares Paul Boeriu Luciah Constantin Eugen German
Petre German
Robert Claudiu Boanta
Andrei Sava
Cristian Viorel Dragota
Kazakhstan Боргуль О.Г. Ким Ю.Ю. Кицак Виталий
Еникеев Марат
Желинский Андрей
Кельменбетов Аржан
Князбаев Санат
Куникин Омиржан


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